Friday, March 18, 2011

Show us your crack

Today's post is brought to you by the letter M and the number 3, and has nothing to do with windscreens.

M is for Memorial Day, a hastily arranged public holiday for the province of Canterbury complete with 2hour memorial service in Hagley Park... lined with grieving families, random dignitaries and local residents.No, I didn't go... I couldn't cope with the thought of all those people, all that traffic and the sheer earnestness of it all. I wanted to be able to dip in and out, to wander off and do something else when the prayers and the calls to God/Allah/Budda etc were going on... and boy am I glad I was able to walk away from Dame Malvina Major murdering "You'll never walk alone".

I also had a kitchen to unpack...
 lovin' the 70's decor...
The number 3 is for the three major EQ events we've had here in Canterbury over the last few months. Here's a series of snapshots taken at each of those memorable points during this shakey 6 month period.

RIP little blue house (we say farewell even though you're still standing!)
1: Sept 4th

2: Boxing Day (Dec 26th)

3: Feb 22nd

and if you're wondering what all this separation is doing to the inside...?
The interior ceilings are being held up by paint and material memory... I don't own a fisheye lens, they're bowing and bending all by themselves.

There was a lovely sunset tonight, a colourful ending to a notable day... a day for looking back but also for looking forwards, for there is much to be done - by and for all of us who remain here.

CBD video (14mins)

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