Thursday, March 24, 2011

Danger Will Robinson!

Playing the danger card two weeks ago was a calculated move - one that might just pay off. It's either that or my new 'Zen & the art of dealing with insurance company' mindset, but who cares, we're finally seeing some movement on the home front and this time it's not just the blue bricks.

What a difference a day makes... yesterday it felt like I had hit a brick wall and today we seem to be making progress. I actually received a phone call from my insurance company in response to my email of two weeks ago, in which I expressed concerns about the danger our house posed to our neighbours' safety. The only thing stopping the entire brick wall from coming down is a very thin sheet of metal which is really only there to keep the rain out.
^^ Our builder AJ capping the brick wall, September 2010

So now we are going to get another visit from Arrow to see whether the house is in a dangerous enough state that it needs to come down ASAP, or whether it can be left alone for a while. Hey it's been six and a half months already, why not see if we can stretch it out to a year, huh?

While I was on the phone I mentioned the previous report from Arrow that was being reviewed by the eq team on Feb 21st. Apparently this is not what our computerised file says...
Report? No, they haven't received the report (cue Tui ad). However no-one knows my own claim status better than me, so I helpfully provided the insurance company rep with a quick rundown & the name of the project manager who'd conducted the inspection & made the report. Even if they can't find the copy that's already in their possession, I'm pretty sure he'll have one that he can send through. Not a problem ma'am, happy to be of assistance in this matter. The computer is wrong.

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