Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Harbour SouNZ in C-City

Community is a wonderful thing and in times like these we need to be able to rely on those around us for comfort, support and also for distraction. Two years ago I took a summer course at UC on the history & development of NZ popular music (best uni paper ever!) for which my final submission was a radio documentary on a group of Lyttelton musicians. The documentary first played on National Radio in November 2009 and was a finalist in the 2010 NZ Radio Awards for Best Music Programme (you can listen to the full documentary here).

Now I'm not actually a Lyttelton resident but over the last 3-4 years I've spent a lot of time there thanks to my involvement with The Loons. It's a town I feel at home in and I have many friends who live and/or work there. At the time the documentary was recorded, the town was dealing with the sudden death of a young local woman, who I'd worked with at The Loons. The sense of community support and love that was captured at that time is just as applicable now in these times of widespread hardship... as you can see by this video of the street party they held on the weekend (which was on the 'grassy' due to the wholesale destruction of London St).

This afternoon an edited version of my documentary played on Jim Mora's afternoon show on National Radio, introduced by Spectrum's producer Jack Perkins. His statement about me living in Lyttelton is a popular misconception even among portside residents, because I've spent so many evenings there working, and plenty of afternoons in the bars and coffee shops. Here, with the lead-in from Jim and Jack, is the edited version of Harbour SouNZ that played today, followed by the interview they did with me while I was at St Albans Park.

What I didn't get a chance to mention on-air was that this is just the start of the neighbourhood concerts planned by The Eastern and friends. If you're in Chch and on facebook, check out The Eastern to see where they'll be playing next because they may be coming to a park, backyard or bar near you. They're also donating all profits from their music sales for the next 6 months to earthquake relief. It's an amazing two-for-one deal really - you get to listen to their awesome music and donate to earthquake relief at the same time! Just go to iTunes or Amplifier and get your fix of The Eastern while donating to a good cause.

As for the C-city sense of humour... here's the best example of it I've seen yet - an auction on TradeMe for a newly arrived, unwanted boulder.

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