Friday, June 14, 2013

Time for ABCs at CCC

There's a song for every moment and today's post is no exception. In fact, I highly recommend that you click play and hum along as you read.

"Communication let me down..."

Truer words have never been spoken in Shakeytown. 
In fact I'd like to nominate this song as the theme tune for our troubled city council.

image credit: @James Hayden

Before we begin today's lesson let's recap the last few months shall we?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Home Sweet Whare

Winter came a little early this year...
May 29th, still officially Autumn. Yeah right. Tell that to the polar blast that ripped through, chilling us all to the bone and dusting us with snow/hail/sleet. Mmmmmm, tasty. NOT!!

Hope it's not a sign of things to come this winter... I'm kinda over snow dumps to be honest. Although I must admit to a slight feeling of smugness when I read articles about how to keep your home warm this winter. There are many advantages to a new house - insulation, double glazing and a complete lack of cracks should make this winter a good one to stay at home with me on the inside and the weather on the outside.

I've spent most of my life in Christchurch and this winter will be the very first one I've ever spent in a new house. Our previous home - a gorgeous, character-filled, dark wood-interior bungalow could equally have been described as draughty, poorly-designed, amateurishly built, and well past its prime. Often colder inside than out, it was similar to many homes built in the first 50-100 years of Christchurch settlement. I loved it to bits but now that I'm here on the other side of that physically & mentally exhausting process, I'm no longer sad that the earthquake/s munted my cute but dodgy old home.

If only everyone was in a similar happy place.