Monday, May 16, 2011

Short term goals vs hoop dreams

Last year I took a class at UC called Presenting Sports, in which we looked at the ways in which sport is constructed for, and reported on, by the media. One of the films we discussed was Hoop Dreams, a documentary that followed two young Chicago basketball players trying to break into the big league. It is a little ironic therefore that one of my own hoop dreams got in the way of my desire to attend the Ideas Expo. There is an upside to my self-imposed, temporary withdrawal from the outside world yesterday - my conference paper is now finished & submitted. Soon I will be a published writer on how pop music helps create a carnival atmosphere at sporting events... I think I feel a specialty developing. Damn, forced to watch sports and listen to music. That could be tough ;)

However, more than 10,000 locals went along to CBS Arena to talk, listen and share ideas. There are many articles & stories about the event... here's a few:
High turnout shows Cantabrians care (includes pic of excellent 'munted' t-shirt)
Gehl Architects talk about the people
Cr Sue Wells on the day, and the day after
Dr Mark Quigley about avoiding 'wastelands', and Dr Rodd Carr on why UC won't be moving into town

Next weekend has two events lined up, and this time I will definitely be attending - both of them. One 'cos I've paid & the other 'cos I'm getting paid! First, on Saturday, is the TEDxEQChch event, with a host of speakers with different perspectives and ideas. Particularly looking forward to Art Agnos, former mayor of San Francisco - I've heard him being interviewed a few times and he has valuable opinions based on first-hand experience of post-disaster management & rebuilding.

Then, on Sunday it's time for a telethon. No, not like these ones...
Vid from NZ On Screen (chur bro)

Well, hopefully it won't be quite so painful... at least technology's improved a bit since then. Fashion certainly hasn't. We're seeing that awful 80s crap all over again!! 
<ahem> sorry. back on track...
This time the Telethon's an international, 21st century effort - official site here - that even has a sniff of royal interest... Lady Gaga's donated some shoes! In all seriousness though, one of the other royals is going to graciously send us a message. I'll be working at the event... smiling, talking, helping. There's an auction site too, if you're interested. Donate. Buy. Help. We need it.

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