Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can we fix it?

sure.... eventually...
On my way home today I found myself travelling down the back roads behind AMI stadium and what I saw made me stop and snap... as you do when every single neighbourhood around you has changed. Every time you drive somewhere around Shakeytown, you notice the destruction, the broken roads and buildings... nothing is the same as it used to be.

AMI crazy mini golf perhaps? Already got the bunkers and the slopes in place...

of course, I wasn't allowed inside the gates but the outside was sad enough.
 ^^ Lismore Street
^^ Wilsons Road

Anyone who has any doubt over the decision to move the RWC games away from Christchurch must be living on a different planet, or at least isn't living here. It doesn't take an engineering degree to know that Shakeytown is no place for RWC games. The city is broken and we'd need a million Bob the Builders to get it in any kind of welcoming/functioning state by September. At least now we can focus on the important stuff, 'cos there's a lot that needs fixing round here.

With so much of our city, and especially the CBD, gone or to-be-demolished, this is an opportunity to really think about how this city could look. There are some pretty interesting ideas out there... everyone has an opinion about what the new C-city could look like, where it should be located and what it should be built with.

And in the meantime the earth still rumbles on a regular basis... it's hard to contemplate the rebuilding of a city when the ground beneath us is constantly in motion. We've endured almost 5600 shakes since September 4th (one while writing this)... kinda over it now.

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