Thursday, May 26, 2011

TEDxEQChch #2: TED talks

Throughout the TEDx conference on Saturday we had the chance to listen to talks given at previous TED events. Each provided moments of awe and inspiration, and some humour too... like this pearler from James Howard Kunstler that had the audience in stitches at times.

Our next TED video (there was one per session) was from Majora Carter, a passionate advocate for environmental justice... "Green is the new black"

And then it was time for some architecture porn from Bjarke Ingels - buildings that make you go 'wow'

For more from Bjarke, here's an interview with him after this talk was filmed/released.

Our final replay TED video was from Alain de Botton, with a look at snobbery and achievement...

As soon as our local TEDxEQChch talks are up, I'll be posting some of them here so I can discuss them in terms of the day, the audience and the reaction, from myself and others.

I would have posted this a couple of days ago (excuses, excuses) but I've been experiencing some issues with Firefox and I don't appear to be alone with this fault, judging by the number of requests for help springing up on the internet. Unfortunately no-one seems to have provided the remedy as yet, and even pc-savvy hubby is baffled. Oh well, just gonna have to use Chrome to do my blogging for a while :)

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