Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No shit, Sherlock

From the state-the-obvious file:
Christchurch residents the most stressed... a study confirms what most of us already knew: life in Shakeytown is stressful!

To give you an idea of what life is like around here, I recommend watching Natasha Utting's piece on "The new normal" from tonight's Campbell Live show on TV3.

From the I-need-another-button file:
Shared via Facebook: a photo album of pics from the Christchurch CBD - the part of our city that is still out of bounds to most people. This is the stuff we can't get in to view for ourselves... I'm not sure what is worse: seeing all these pictures or knowing that by the time I get close, it'll look completely different again, with piles of rubble & temporary carparks where once were thriving shops and communities.

From the catch-up file:
Student loan payments have gone up since Sir Paul Callaghan's open letter to overseas debtors.

From the where-does-she-find-the-time file:
Susan sells sea shells... (but not near the seashore 'cos it's still a bit polluted)
Sumner beach

From the you-read-it-here-first file:
There's no place like home for Whare: Adele's little garage sale features in The Press

From the Hell Yeah!! file:
Harbour Union album enters the Top40 album chart at #18

From the local-shop-for-local-people file:
Leitch Street Garage Sale (yes, the whole street) - this Saturday from 8.30-11am, unless the weather is shite. We'll be cranking out the coffee machine & trying to offload some junk potential treasures... including an upright piano and a 1960s Mercedes Benz with a pedigree past. If you're in the neighbourhood, call in & say hi, I'd love to see you!
*snow not included :)

From the put-up-or-shut-up file:
Official opportunity to voice an opinion ahead of this weekend's community expo at CBS Arena... Share an Idea

From the procrastination file:
This entire post...
I should be working on amendments to the paper I'll be presenting at a conference later this year... I'll get back to that right now...

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