Monday, May 2, 2011

Fridge of the future

I love bright young minds.
I love the ideas they have, the concepts they explore.
I love that they create or envisage revolutionary things like this fridge...
based on an idea from a science fiction story...

I know it won't be ready for my new house, possibly not even within my lifetime, but it does give me hope that people are still thinking about new ways of doing ordinary things.

Another look into the future and some new ways of thinking can be found at greenweaver... a concept for a Zero Carbon Garden City, and a place to share ideas about the rebuilding of Shakeytown.

Online forum - Reimagine Christchurch - is currently collecting ideas (and votes on those ideas) about what matters when planning for our new city. Are pedestrians to be given higher priority than vehicles? Should our rooftops have gardens, and be linked together by walkways? What about bike parking & shower facilities? Light rail? Trams everywhere? Have a look, and have your say by voting for what matters to you. I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen with the opinions expressed and gathered on that site but as a collection of ideas it makes interesting reading at the very least.

There are many different forums (fora?) coming up in which the citizens of Shakeytown will be able to express their views, or learn from the wisdom & experience of others. From physical events and formal processes through to web-based discussions and other grass-roots initiatives, there is no shortage of ideas and opinions flying around. Whether any of the really good ones will make it through the general noise or not, only time will tell.

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