Monday, April 4, 2011

Sound and vision

With the red zone cordon being reduced in size some people have now been allowed back into buildings to retrieve personal and business items, which has lead to a couple of interesting recordings of February's quake being discovered.
First is a sound recording of an interview being conducted by an RNZ reporter at the time the quake struck.
Second is security camera footage of a central city street (via TVNZ).

There have been many other interesting videos and images that have been released over the last six weeks... here's just a few.

Footage from the day of the Feb quake...

Quake recovery... progress made in one suburb, just a week after the quake

Footage from The Press of a CBD flyover

Civil Defence video of central Chch... the closest look most of us will ever get of the destruction in the inner city (14mins)

Pictures from inside the Hotel Grand Chancellor

Excellent collection of before and after images

And finally, Hitler as Ken Ring...

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