Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Musical interlude

I've got a few quake-related music links building up so it's probably a good time to bring 'em out :)

My friends The Eastern have been keeping themselves busy making their way round the suburbs of Christchurch, playing at fairs, in vacant lots and in people's homes. Wherever they're wanted, they'll turn up and play, providing they've got a space in their schedule! Last Friday night they were playing at my friend Gazza's place... you can watch the news item from Metro News here... and then Sunday night they ended up double-booked (not a new occurance for this busy band). We headed down to the Gap to hear The Eastern that night only to be serenaded by Adam playing solo (which is also cool!) while the rest of the band continued their gig at Pomeroy's.

There's a few collaborative efforts happening in the music scene, with various artists getting together to record/compile albums in order to raise funds for quake relief. The Eastern are right in there amongst the action (no surprises there lol), getting together with a bunch of other Lyttelton musos to record an album as The Harbour Union.

Here's a worldwide creative beats production...
which includes this smooth little number - Breathe - from funky local musos Switch, Sanchez & Nacoa (more musically inclined friends of mine).

Another digital compilation, - Songs for Christchurch - which is available through Music Hype for a tiny little donation of just $5.

And to finish... a message featuring musos (and some other notables) from around the world, sending a bit of love our way :)

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