Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Benjamin Blue, QC

I've already started & binned two different posts... neither of them were particularly coming together and I know exactly why not. My world view is currently clouded by cotton wool and a build up of fluid in my cranial region.

Yep, I've got a cold. Hit me last night and has dominated my thoughts and demeanour all day long. Thank goodness for coldrex and chocolate! So instead of those other topics (which I'll get back to another day), it's time for another four-letter C word... CUTE!

Time for a kitteh interlude :)
^^The magical powahs of kitteh were powerful enough to drag home eldest child for dinner and a little one-on-one shoulder time
^^Hubby no longer has exclusive use of his chair... and has (hopefully) learned now to look before he sits...

And a little video of kitteh exploring the big scary jungle of the front yard. Brave Sir Robin might have been an appropriate name based on this performance...
But no, his full name is Benjamin Blue, Q.C., commonly called Blue (but often referred to as 'idiot kitten' or 'muppet'). And yes, there's a perfectly rational explanation, as there is with any whimsical animal name :)

Although he looks jet black, he has some little white whiskers on his chin, chest and legs (which I haven't yet managed to capture on film) that make him look like an old cat in a kitten's body. A bit like Benjamin Button who ages in reverse...

When we found him, he still had the gorgeous baby-blue eyes that only very young kittehs have... and blue was the colour of the home where we raised our children, the house that will be exiting our lives in the same year this little bundle of fluff wandered in.

And who doesn't need a QC on hand in these troubled times of insurance company paperwork, drawn-out procedures and red-tape.... not that he'll be much use in these matters, apart from providing the perfect distraction. Based on feline developmental milestones, our estimate (supported by our local vet) is that he was about 4-5 weeks old when we found him, which puts his birth somewhere around Feb 22... so he's a Quake Cat.

Welcome to the family, Blue... make yourself at home. Oh, you already have.

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