Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simple things

In times of stress and chaos, it can be the little things that make a difference.
Since Tuesday's major aftershock, we've been without basic services... you know, those things we all take for granted - power, running water, working sewerage systems. Our suburb seems to be faring better than others, we got power back late Tuesday night, and water started running from our tap again yesterday afternoon. We can't use it without boiling it for ages first, because the water supply is likely to be contaminated.

We're doing ok... my sister-in-law lives in Rangiora, where their water supplies and sewerage are still working, and she brought us in 3 large containers filled with fresh water. We'd drained our hot water cylinder to fill up our own containers, and yesterday made an aborted attempt to get water from a tanker... after looking at the massive queue we decided to go home again. People were waiting for about 4 hours to get to the front of the line so I'm glad we didn't stay.

There are lots of things we can't do without basic services... but you just make do. This morning, hubby and I went for a little walk up the road to an unfenced building site that yesterday I'd noticed had a portaloo... Hallelujah... it wasn't locked and some wonderful person had even stocked it with proper toilet paper. Oh bless you, whoever you are.

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