Thursday, February 17, 2011


Nope... still nothing from the insurance company... just a timely reminder that life carries on.
My 'baby' turns 18 today so to commemorate the occasion, and the fact that she'll never live in her childhood home ever again, I got a little crafty...

I spent a very happy hour or so in at Beadz Unlimited in the Arts Centre, staring at rows and rows of jars full of beads, trying to find the colours that evoked our sad old house...

There are 10 blue beads, for the number of years we spent there, and 18 beads in total surrounding the broken house charm. The beads are strung on purple and black ribbon - our driveway fence is/was Cadbury Purple, and purple is darling daughter's (and my) favourite colour.
I did quite like the silver and gold charm at the bead shop but given the price tag (& the amount of money we shelled out today for bond & rent round 2), my commemorative necklace will have to wait a while.

The charm really is gorgeous... a fitting way to note the passing of time and home, and the start of a new part of life.

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