Monday, June 13, 2011

Just another bouncy day in Shakeytown

Today has been a particularly shakey day, even for Shakeytown. Here's a few articles if you want all the details:
Powerful earthquakes rock Christchurch - The Press
Christchurch hit by swarm of earthquakes - NZ Herald
Cold night ahead for quake-hit Canterbury - NZ Herald
Chch residents look to quake cleanup, again - TV3

Here we go again, another clusterf*ck of seismic shittery to ruin your day, just when things seemed to be quietening down again. I know it's totally within the expected aftershock pattern but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

There's only one thing for it... time to bake some cookies. Chocolate chip ones of course - is there any other kind? I've promised darling daughter that I'll visit tomorrow with comfort food, and who knows what shops will be open in the morning. After the shakey afternoon we've had, I need some chocolate!

I tell ya something though, if these bloody aftershocks don't settle down (they're still rolling through with monotonous regularity) I may just eat the whole damn batch myself :)

EDIT: mmmmm yum! extremely large ChocChip Cookies... recipe here if you wanna indulge yourself (note: 1 stick of butter is about 100gms, temp in Celcius is about 165)

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