Sunday, June 17, 2012

O for Awesome

'O for awesome' may be a bit of a local joke for local people... so if you're not from round here (or are too young to remember) go here, here or here.

But anyway, onto the awesome!

The newly minted "Ministry of Awesome" continues to gather ideas like these:
 Bike rack by Knowhow Shop, LA
Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, South Korea

Imagine the possibilities! All we have to do is get people thinking outside the square - conceptually and literally. The Square is not the totality of our inner city, and we have more public spaces and opportunities than are tied up in that one bit of land with its soon-to-be-demolished neo-gothic ex-cathedral. Let's move on already, and get creative!

Even in its current, sorry state, our city is proving to be inspirational to some of those who visit. Two visitors have recently left letters expressing their admiration for the spirit and determination shown by those who live here.
 found in Re:Start Cashel Mall #1

found in Re:Start Cashel Mall #2

You know, round here there's still plenty of inspiration, oodles of creativity, and enough optimism to see us through.

We'll get there.

Now let's do it in style!

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