Monday, May 14, 2012

Congratulations! It's a...

... hole.
Yep, we're now the proud owners of a hole in the ground.

Given that in the whole of last week we only added a fence, it's nice to see some progress. Already we're a day behind schedule - this digging was supposed to happen last Friday - but at least it's a glorious, muddy start.

There's something about watching a man in a digger that takes me back to my childhood, and days spent with friends in the sandpit or at the beach, sculpting the earth as we pleased. It's quite fun watching man & machine work together to achieve a goal - whether it's construction or destruction. It's become the new local pastime.

Although, I did find myself wondering whether reading 'The little yellow digger' to our kids when they were young would've been quite so much fun if this had been the backdrop at the time:

Right then. What comes down must go up, and this little hole in the ground is a significant first step. Finally, something to show for all those months of planning!

And I'm sure my project manager would be thrilled to know that I even wore my lovely orange vest (but no pics, so did it really happen?!).


  1. Looking good, is this over Bexley way?

  2. we're in Somerfield... there's not much rebuilding happening in Bexley!