Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Xmas Mr M.

T’was just before Xmas and all through the city
Road cones wore tinsel and tried to look pretty.
Behind closed doors, away from prying eyes
The councillors voted on the CEO’s pay rise.

‘Market forces’ they cried, and then, ‘Competition’
Although surely they knew it was a poor rendition.
Cloistered, conceited, and out of touch with reality
Perhaps they need reminding of basic morality.

At a time when our city’s been brought to its knees
The mayor and his cronies just do as they please.
When the CEO’s salary is brought into the light
It tells a sad tale in times that are tight.

That increase of 70k was sweetly backdated
Now the wrath of the people sees the council berated.
In letters to The Press, there came a big roar
“He’s already well-paid, what do you mean he wants more?!”

“He earns more than the Prime Minister, who’s on $393k
Even more than Bob & Gerry’s combined take home pay.
That’s not even counting those five directorships
He’s raking it in while we’re wading through shit!”

To Johanson and Livingstone, to Broughton, Chen and Buck,
And young Carter too, thanks for giving a fuck.
About the ordinary folks, and the signal this sends
To the people who have homes and hearts yet to mend.

Remember this moment, remember who voted ‘YES’
To this outrageous increase, this ridiculous mess.
Then, ignoring the outrage that gathers like thunder
The earth beneath us violently wakes from its slumber.

Sending us a reminder – it’s not over yet…
But please don’t think that we will forget
This moment of madness, this example of greed
When so many others have much greater need.

Think of the city, all broken and torn.
Think of the people, their hearts all forlorn.
Merry Xmas, Mr M. How well do you sleep
In your privileged castle, while the rest of us weep?

 Image from The Press

Lest we forget...
Those who voted for this obscene payrise were Bob Parker (Mayor), Claudia Reid (Banks Peninsula), Jamie Gough (Fendalton-Waimairi), Ngaire Button & Aaron Keown (Shirley-Papanui), Barry Corbett & Sue Wells (Spreydon-Heathcote).

My thanks to the many Letters-to-Ed writers for their research on salary levels.

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