Monday, July 25, 2011

The icing on the quake

Icing on the quake - it's the phrase du jour. First seen online early this morning and by lunchtime, it had spawned its own facebook page.

This snowfall is the most icing-like coating a city could have and, because the bulk of it fell overnight, when we woke up this morning it was like a big soft feather duvet had blanketed the world.

Early morning texts had informed me that Polytech was closed for the day (as was most of the city!) so at around 9am I trekked down to the dairy in search of a newspaper. Friends had informed me of successful home deliveries across the city, and after seeing the neighbour's copy in his driveway, I set off optimistically.

Roker St, Somerfield

However, it appears the home delivery folks have better vehicles / skills or are just more determined than the store delivery drivers because the dairy had no papers, and neither did the service station across the road. Oh well, it was a fun tromp through the snowdrifts :)
and so very quiet!

A little later on that morning, hubby & I walked/stomped/slid our way down to the supermarket in search of coffee beans and a newspaper.
We passed this cheery fellow on the way

The supermarket carpark was the emptiest I've seen since it re-opened post-quake, and that was with the underground carpark closed too.
Not many people were driving around today, and those that were provided some entertainment at times, as poor skills/judgement and atrocious conditions combined.
Even Colombo Street was pretty quiet.

On the way back, I was captivated by this hedge...
perfect zebra camouflage!

And it kept on snowing... big, fat, floaty, fluffy flakes... til about 3pm.

The prevailing sentiment is that it's nice to be able to smile at our surroundings... that it's wonderful to find joy in our natural environment again and to see it as a source of pleasure, rather than stress & anxiety. 

Snow days are, by necessity, slow days, and it's good to have a change of pace. 
Even the hardworking folk of the CBD demolition crews got the day off... I hope they had some fun and made snowmen with their kids.

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